ABHIVYA is leading manufacturer & exporter of handmade carpets and other items. This has been our ancestral work as our forefathers have been exporting carpets since 40+ years, but we as young generation who know the taste of traditional carpets as well as the demand of modern craze and are working parallel in both, and are regularly experimenting new designs and creating state-of-the-art to make our customers happy as well amazed.

 Our carpets and other products have always been exported, so all products that we have are of export quality (international quality) and now we’re focusing on our own country as the demand has surged in recent years.


The carpets and other items that we display on our website are affordable, as we’re manufacturers and you’ll directly get it from the factory instead of retail. Moreover, the importers (buyers) from other countries sell it for 3 to 5 times the price they buy it from us and the same price goes for the retail stores in our country where you buy it from. So you see, how economical it is for you to get it directly from us. We help you to find the best in less price. So don’t think too hard, you’re at the right place, just go for it!


Last but not the least, we as a team together with you assure you of turning our company into an apex brand in terms of carpets. It’ll not be too long when the other name of carpets will be ABHIVYA.



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